- Kamasutra (Translated)

Kamasutra (Translated)

de Vatsyayana 

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The first compete edition of the Kamasutra. It contains a crisp introduction; the original Sanskrit; a new, accurate and readable English translation; fifty full-page illustrations using period clothing, jewelry, and settings; and a thorough index. Composed almost two thousand years ago, it is surprisingly modern in its depiction of human nature and sexual practices. From the IntroductionThe Kamasutra is the most famous guide to sensual pleasure ever written-indeed, one of the most notorious books in the history of the world. Its acute insights into human nature are still relevant today. While previous publishers typically either stole the word "e;Kamasutra"e; and slapped it on a book of modern photographs, or neglected to include the original Sanskrit, or reprinted an old, faulty translation (or introduced a new, faulty translation), or included reproductions of miniatures made more than a millennium after the text was composed, and I have labored mightily to create a proper edition. It includes the original Sanskrit typeset in Devanagari, a new, accurate and readable English translation, and illustrations using period clothing, jewelry, and settings that actually correspond to what is described in the text. Table of ContentsIntroduction xiPart One: General Matters 1One: Summary of the Guide 3Two: The Three Aims of Life 10Three: Exposition of the Skills 18Four: Lifestyle of the Elegant Man 25Five: The Lover and His Companions 38Part Two: Sexual Intercourse 47One: Sexual Unions 49Sexual Intercourse with Regard to Size, Endurance and Temperament 49The Variations of Love 58Two: Embraces 61Three: Ways of Kissing 77Four: Forms of Scratching 85Five: Biting and Behaviors 92Ways of Biting 92Behavior Typical of Women from Different Provinces 95Six: Positions and Unusual Acts 100Different Sexual Positions 100Unusual Sexual Acts 118Seven: Slapping and Moaning 130Eight: Imitation and Techniques 138Imitating the Sexual Role of a Man 138Sexual Techniques of a Man 141Nine: Oral Sex 151Ten: Sex: Beginning, Ending, Types, Quarrels 165The Beginning and Conclusion of Sexual Intercourse 165Different Kinds of Sex 172The Lovers' Quarrel 175Part Three: Young Women 181One: Choosing a Bride 183Rules of Courtship 183Deciding a Match 188Two: Winning Her Confidence 191Three: Approaches and Gestures 200Approaching a Young Woman 200Indications through Gestures and Facial Expressions 209Four: Advances 213Advances a Man Can Make on His Own 213Approaching a Man One Desires 219Winning a Young Woman by Advances 222Five: Stratagems for Weddings 225Part Four: The Wife 233One: The Only Wife 235Conduct of an Only Wife 235Conduct of a Wife Whose Husband is Abroad 244Two: The Other Wives 248Conduct of the Senior Wife to the Co-Wives 248Conduct of the Junior Wife 251Conduct of the Remarried Woman 253Conduct of an Unloved Wife 256Matters Pertaining to the Harem 258Conduct of a Man with Several Wives 261Part Five: Other Men's Wives 265One: Seducing Successfully 267Exposing the Nature of Men and Women 267Causes of Resistance 270Men Who Have Success with Women 275Women Who are Easily Won 276Two: Intimacy and Advances 279Ways to Intimacy 279Making Advances 284Three: Examination of Inclinations 287Four: Tasks of the Female Messenger 294Five: The Erotic Desire of Rulers 309Six: Harems and Wives 320Life in the Harem 320Guarding One's Wives 329Part Six: Courtesans 333One: Friends and Lovers 335The Appraisal of a Friend, Suitable and Unsuitable Lovers, and Reasons for Approaching a Lover 335How to Acquire One 341Two: Compliance with the Lover 345Three: Money, Indifference and Disposal 358Ways to Make Money 358Signs and Recognition of Indifference 362Methods for Driving the Lover Away 364Four: Restoring a Broken Relationship 368Five: Types of Profit 378Six: Profit, Loss, Risk and Types of Available Women 388Considering Profit and Loss, and their Consequences and Risks 388

Kamasutra (Translated)
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