- Hunting Michael Underwood

Hunting Michael Underwood (eBook)

de L. V. Gaudet 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: L. V. Gaudet
Edição ou reimpressão: outubro de 2019
Disponibilidade Imediata
Ebook para ADE

Step deeper into the twisted mind of a serial killer as he slips further into madness in this disturbing psychological thriller.

Hunting Michael Underwood follows on the heels of book one, Where the Bodies Are, bringing the first two stories and their characters together as the search for the killer continues.

Michael Underwood has vanished and everyone is searching for him.  Detective Jim McNelly is determined to not stop until he finds him.  Working with the detective, Lawrence Hawkworth is still chasing the bigger story he knows is behind the bodies.  Jason McAllister knows he must stop the killer he created before he goes too far.  He may be the only one who can stop him.

Unable to let go of his barely remembered past and the search for his sister, the killer goes looking for Jason McAllister’s past and his family.


Detective Jim McNelly is furious. Detective Michael Underwood disappeared without a trace with the only living witness to the McAllister murders. Worse, Michael is not who he pretended to be. And then the other shoe fell.

Jason T. McAllister, tried and convicted of the kidnapping and murders of multiple women and the prime suspect behind the bodies discovered in the woods behind the McAllister farm, is being inexplicably set free.  He will not spend the rest of his life in prison.

Jim is determined to find Michael Underwood, bring him down, and discover the truth about who he really is and what his connection to Jason McAllister is.

Working with his long time friend, the notoriously unscrupulous investigative reporter Lawrence Hawkworth, Jim will not stop until he finds Michael and the answers to the bodies found in the mass graveyard in the woods behind the McAllister Farm.

Jason McAllister knows he must stop the real killer behind the murders he was convicted for.  As the killer spirals further into madness, Jason is the only one who can stop him.  But, he needs help.  He is going to have to talk to his father, William McAllister, the man who taught him how to hide the bodies.

Michael Underwood and Katherine Kingslow are on the run. A victim of domestic abuse and only known survivor of the McAllister Farm killer, Kathy has lapsed into Stockholm syndrome. Now she is torn between her need to be with her captor and fear of his escalating psychotic episodes.

Everyone is hunting for Michael Underwood.
he killer himself. He might not like what he learns.

Hunting Michael Underwood
de L. V. Gaudet 
ISBN: 9781999282363 Ano de edição ou reimpressão: 10-2019 Editor: L. V. Gaudet Idioma: Inglês Tipo de Produto: eBook Formato: ePUB i Classificação Temática: eBooks  >  eBooks em Inglês  >  Literatura  >  Thriller


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