- You Are Not Only Human

You Are Not Only Human

A Study On Our Human And Divine Nature

de Mcleish C. Orville 

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Editor: HCP Book Publishing

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Thus far, we have not begun to tap into our human potential. With the upsurge of Christian Mystics in this era, there is a growing revelation of who we really are in God that has a startling resemblance to who Jesus Christ was as a man walking this earth. This phenomenal spiritual awakening of epic proportions is sweeping the globe, with no indication of dissipating anytime soon. It is the emergence of the glorious church prophesied in Ephesians 5, “…without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish.” Everyone alive today, including you, has the divine privilege to choose whether to participate in this emergence or remain a slave to religious and institutionalized bondage.

This book explores the possibilities that exist within our DNA that have already been discovered, and dares to explore even further possibilities hinted at but not yet experienced by most. The cold climate of ignorance has suffocated the true church of the living God long enough, and it is time to emerge. You are a child of God, not a servant and not a slave. The potential within you is equal to that of Jesus Christ, and Adam and Eve before they fell to sin. Sin has encased us within a body of limitations, weakness, and insufficiency, but God has dealt with sin. Now the only thing that separates you from true union with God, and participating in His divine nature, is your own choice.

You Are Not Only Human
A Study On Our Human And Divine Nature
de Mcleish C. Orville 
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