- Wild Signs And Star Paths

Wild Signs And Star Paths (eBook)

Relearning Our Lost Intuition For The Inner Workings Of The Natural World

de Tristan Gooley 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: The Experiment
Edição ou reimpressão: agosto de 2018
Pré-lançamento - envio a partir de 21-08-2018
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Tristan Gooley is off on another adventure—this time around the outskirts of his home in the West Sussex, in an effort to cultivate the seemingly supernatural abilities of leading naturalists he interviews from around the world. InHow to Read Water andHow to Read Nature, he shared with readers the tips and tricks he’s cultivated over years of his own experience as an outdoorsman; in this book, other leading experts weigh in along with Gooley, drawing insights from their experiences and showing us how they developed their “sixth sense”—the amazing ability to subconsciously sense the inner workings of our natural world.

Readers will learn about ancient cultures around the world who are famed for these feats of primal human intelligence—e.g., the Pgymy people in the African Congo who are used to “hearing honey”—and they will also go along with Gooley on his journey around the outskirts of his home in West Sussex, the landscapes of the South Downs, as he embarks on his journey to recover this “lost sense” as fully as our ancestors were once capable of.

Wild Signs And Star Paths
Relearning Our Lost Intuition For The Inner Workings Of The Natural World
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