- Voluntary Exchange

Voluntary Exchange

The Simple Truth Of Economics

de Matt Taylor 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: Grosvenor House Publishing
Edição: junho de 2021
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Economics is really simple. Yet in schools and universities and all across the media, what passes for economics is an incomprehensible mish-mash of jargon and false ideas, all festooned with maths and statistics. This book cuts through the jargon and throws out the equations. What emerges is an economics primer that anyone can understand. This is economics in one lesson, and one that can be read in an hour.This book sets out to heal our divided society. Do you prefer socialism or capitalism? Are workers good and capitalists bad? Can government make us equal? The answer is that voluntary exchange always works best. It's common sense.This book explains the difference between value and price. It shows how profit and loss drives entrepreneurs to serve consumers, why savings are so important, and how government intervention depresses living standards. This is basic economics.If you want to understand money, why banks are so powerful yet so harmful to society, and how printing money undermines everything, this is the book to read.This isn't economics for dummies. It's economics for everyone.

Voluntary Exchange
The Simple Truth Of Economics
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