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To Fulfill These Rights

To Fulfill These Rights (eBook)

Affirmative Action And Open Admissions In Public Universities

de Amaka Okechukwu 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: fevereiro de 2019
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In the autumn of 2015, students of seventy-six colleges and universities held protests, sit-ins, and made demands on their administrations. Central to these Black Lives Matter mobilizations were demands for higher representation of Black students and university campus climate that was more welcoming to students of color. These protests recalled those made by an earlier generation of students in the 1960s and 1970s, to increase Black student and faculty representation. This first generation of widespread campus protest over educational access and racial representation led to the implementation of affirmative action and open admissions policies in public universities. In the decades since, affirmative action educational policies have been targets of conservative mobilization and in many cases have been overturned or significantly revised.

To Fullfill These Rights is a sociological history of the struggles over affirmative action retrenchment in higher education. The book documents the protracted but not always successful rollback of affirmative action through an analysis of groups central to political contention over race-and-class inclusive admissions in public universities. The book contends that the post-civil rights racial order produces specific political conditions, including the adoption of civil rights discourse and strategies into conservative mobilization and state power, that generated the impact of a federal termination of affirmative action without requiring the formal end of the policy. Ultimately the book excavates the key political struggles over affirmative action that have weakened or eliminated these policies outright, in order to examine changing understandings and practices of American race and class politics.

To Fulfill These Rights
Affirmative Action And Open Admissions In Public Universities
de Amaka Okechukwu 
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