- The Ultimate Healthy Greek Cookbook

The Ultimate Healthy Greek Cookbook (eBook)

75 Authentic Recipes For A Mediterranean Diet

de Yiota Giannakopoulou 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: abril de 2019
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Modernized Recipes Passed Down Through Generations!

With an emphasis on the use of fresh ingredients, limited use of processed raw ingredients, and a generous dose of olive oil in almost every dish, this is a cookbook that moves focus away from weight-management enthusiasts, toward the more health-conscious foodie.

InThe Ultimate Healthy Greek Cookbook, you will find recipes for colorful, vibrant salads, delicious specialty breads, an array of dips for every occasion, and an abundance of desserts influenced by Greeces geographical position as a checkpoint between the East and the West. Fragrant syrups, eastern spices, and heartwarming custards adorn the pages of this contemporary, yet traditional cookbook. Recipes include:

  • Vine leaf and rice rolls
  • Shrimp in tomato and ouzo sauce
  • Lemon chicken with rice
  • Spinach and feta cheese pie
  • Yellow split pea dip
  • Black olive bread
  • Granddad Georgio's garlic potatoes
  • And many more!

    For generations the Greek diet was almost exclusively vegan, which is something that resulted from the countrys close relationship with religion and, consequently, Lent. This book is designed with the traditional Greek diet in mind, using a minimal amount of meat. Eat your way to a healthy olive-oiled heart, and live as long as George, Yiotas 99-year-old granddad!

  • The Ultimate Healthy Greek Cookbook
    75 Authentic Recipes For A Mediterranean Diet
    de Yiota Giannakopoulou 
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