- The Top 100 Military Sites In America

The Top 100 Military Sites In America (eBook)

de L. Douglas Keeney 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: outubro de 2018
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Did you know that the Coast Guard mounted a rescue effort on 9.11 and evacuated more than 100,000 New Yorkers from Manhattan by boat? Go to the little-known Naval Air Station Wildwood Museum in Cape May, New Jersey to discover that story. How about the remnants of the helicopter from Blackhawk Down or the lifeboat from Captain Phillips – or even the Airbus pulled from the Hudson River that was piloted by Sully Sullenberger? We’ll tell you where to go to find all of these objects -- and many, many more. Perhaps intrigue is more your suit. You can’t go into Area 51 but the government now acknowledges that it exists so we can suggest a drive near the perimeter that lets your imagination go wild. And while you’re in Nevada we’ll tell you how to join an almost-secret caravan of cars that goes out to the exact spot where atomic bombs were once detonated, that and all the info you need to see a fantastic museum in Las Vegas that features all of our formerly secret nuclear air-to-air missiles, nuclear howitzers, nuclear artillery shells and nuclear who-knows-what. And so it goes. Fire the gun on a Sherman tank, walk the decks of an aircraft carrier, go inside a hush-hush submarine, sit in a F-4 Phantom, fly in a Huey, see the trenches of World War I, walk the beaches of D-Day, see a CIA airbase – all of it here in America, all waiting for you to explore.

The Top 100 Military Sites In America
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