- The Sons Of Mercy

The Sons Of Mercy (eBook)

de John Paul Sterling 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: John Paul Sterling
Edição ou reimpressão: maio de 2020
Pré-lançamento - envio a partir de 19-05-2020
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The world of Pydara bends to the will of Althas Greycastle, the greatest Empath to ever live. His ability to twist and shape the emotions of others has allowed him to mold the Fertile Basin toward one end: unite under Karalin Adyma, the new Queen of the Basin’s richest city, Tayo Varus. Despite this power, Althas will soon learn how little control he has, and how flimsy his legacy truly is, when an unexpected rival tears at the foundation of his primacy. Will Althas’ machinations stand the test of conflict, or will his life’s work falter near the finish?

Karalin Adyma is young and clever, but the world is unimpressed. And why should it be? For all her efforts thus far, she stands firmly in the shadow of her predecessor, the Twisted Crown, who abandoned his station to chase after a legend. Seeking the light of her own renown, Karalin ignores her mentor’s advice and rides to face theKhoshai Turad-the giant race that once owned humankind-in their Mountain Home of Boshengat. Her attempts to pry the eastern passes open for trade may generate unexpected consequences. Will Karalin usher in a new era of peace between the two peoples, or will she trigger a war that will forever divide the land?

Ancient powers clash with fledgling might, dormant feuds find new life, and the glorious descends to grapple with the despised. What sort of power serves? What kind of greatness rolls in the mud with the swine?

The Sons Of Mercy
de John Paul Sterling 
ISBN: 9781734723007 Ano de edição ou reimpressão: 05-2020 Editor: John Paul Sterling Idioma: Inglês Tipo de Produto: eBook Formato: ePUB i Classificação Temática: eBooks  >  eBooks em Inglês  >  Literatura  >  Literatura Fantástica
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