- The Path Of The Buffalo Medicine Wheel

The Path Of The Buffalo Medicine Wheel (eBook)

de Camille Pablo Russell 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: Colouring It Forward
Edição ou reimpressão: setembro de 2018
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My name is Camille Pablo Russell. My Native American name is “Shooting in the Air”. Born on the Blood Reserve in Southern Alberta, I grew up very close to my grandparents, and learned a lot about my roots and traditions. Over the past 20 years, I have lectured in Europe on Mental Health, Coaching, Traditional Herbs and Leadership Management. I was invited to several Esoteric Conferences. I am working in Calgary, Alberta at the Elbow River Healing Lodge as spiritual counselor and as native coordinator at the local Correctional Institution.

My workshops are based on the principle of “Follow the Buffalo”. To native people, the buffalo represents the qualities of perseverance, facing the storms of life and walking into them.

At the age of 19, I started preparing for sun dancing, and my learning continued for eleven years. Then, I was granted the role of leader in the Sundance. I continued to learn from the Sundance leaders about the “warrior ways”, as well as the “way of the holy pipe”. These teachings are the foundation for understanding the four parts of a human being and ways of centering.

My leader followed our oral tradition in teaching the medicine wheel, but he put this knowledge onto a diagram, to support teaching the principles to modern thinking people.

After learning for 13 years I was granted the right to teach on my own. My workshops are based on this, and other tools, which have helped many people to see things that they have to correct and take new directions, not only in their lives, but in their work, and to take the steps necessary to improve their quality of life.

This book is a transcript of the spoken word contents of my lectures and workshops of the “Path of the Buffalo”. As I have already mentioned, I grew up with my grandparents listening to stories and teachings, which were passed on orally by our elders to the next generations. For the Blackfoot Nation, as well as many indigenous people, it was only a puddle jump from the old days of oral tradition to urban life and virtual media. Our native Blackfoot language has rarely been written down or printed in books. My first book is transcribed from my mother tongue captured on a recorder.

The Path Of The Buffalo Medicine Wheel
de Camille Pablo Russell 
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