The Nimble C-Suite

How To Align The Diverse Strengths Of Your Executive Team To Predictably Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes In A Transformational Economy

de Mark S A Smith e Dr David Gruder - The Nimble C-Suite
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Edição: setembro de 2022

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Amid perpetual upheavals and accelerating world changes, we transition from the Experience Economy where buyers chosememorable outcomes to the Transformational Economy where buyers choosemeaningful, authentic, and socially responsible outcomes.

Because your customers want to become a better version of themselves, your company must become a better version of itself.

This book's premise: the future belongs to the nimble; those able to resiliently innovate to deliver meaningful goods and services that customers seek. Being nimble makes demands beyond the traditional corporate structure and leadership strategy's ability to deliver.

This book is your essential bridge from the conventional business approaches you used to get where you are today, to flourishing in a Transformational Economy as a socially responsible business.

In it, we'll provide you with a fresh look at the root causes that limit leadership teams and offers overdue solutions that can address these causes in today's chronically volatile business environment.

Everything you'll read and consider in this book centers on bringingNimbility to your organization.

Nimbility is the combination of high resilience and high innovation that are necessary attributes for profiting from upheavals.

Innovation is your capacity to increase the desirability, utility, and value of a product, whether it's goods or services.Resilience is your ability to recover from stress and unplanned impacts.

The obvious value of innovation is competitive performance, protecting and increasing profit margins, and corporate sustainability in a changing market. It's also way more fun. Innovation is set by culture and team rewards for looking for better ways to bring more value to the team, customers, stakeholders, and the planet.

A key value of resilience is risk reduction because it allows rapid recovery from an undesired state, reducing the cost of risk, and therefore contributing to lowered risk. Resilience is set by systems and policies that can quickly respond to change, with the necessary resources to absorb shocks and quickly recover.

Nimbility is inherently lower risk, much lower than other options, making conventional risk-taking and innovation much safer from a career and corporate perspective.

We apply the Nimbility Matrix to both your organization and the individuals involved when assessing a situation. For your organization, we look at culture, systems, procedures, processes, and policies to identify how your business rules constrain or enable resilience, and limit or foster innovation. When considering individuals, we examine their behaviors as well as their attitudes and temperaments to understand their Nimbility.

The Nimble C-Suite
How To Align The Diverse Strengths Of Your Executive Team To Predictably Deliver Extraordinary Outcomes In A Transformational Economy
de Mark S A Smith e Dr David Gruder 
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