The Butterfly And Her New Friend

de Pamela Renaud - The Butterfly And Her New Friend
idioma: Inglês
Editor: Blueprint Press Internationale
Edição: agosto de 2022

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The Butterfly and Her New Friend is a children's story focused on friendship and acceptance. A lonely butterfly makes her way to find a friend. As she travels along her path, she comes across some animals and quickly becomes excited about her new potential friends. Unfortunately for the butterfly, these animals turned her away. The undiscouraged little butterfly continues on her journey, persistent in finding a new friend.

Pamela Renaud is a mother of three children; two girls and a boy. Pamela faced many adversities early on in life, growing up in an urban community with limited friendships and experiencing various impacts of bullying. As her children grew, it became increasingly important to Pamela that they not face the same adversities she had as a child. The butterfly and her new friend is a story inspired by Pamela's children. The story focuses on the positivity's within life, remaining hopeful regardless of the experiences we face within society, through the butterfly's journey of finding a friend.

Pamela Renaud is currently a rural small business owner from Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. Pamela founded the Treasure Chest in 2008, a local small business, a second-hand store specializing in antiques and collectibles. The Treasure Chest's mission is to provide all community members a quality of service that is both socially and environmentally conscious.

The Butterfly and her new friend is a story close to the hearts of Pamela's family. Pamela and her family now wish to share this story with other children and families in the hopes that it will bring them as much joy.

The Butterfly And Her New Friend
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