- Spacetime, Yangmills Gravity, And Dynamics Of Cosmic Expansion

Spacetime, Yangmills Gravity, And Dynamics Of Cosmic Expansion (eBook)

How Quantum Yangmills Gravity In The Super-Macroscopic Limit Leads To An Effective Gv(T) And New Perspectives On Hubble'S Law, The Cosmic Redshift And

de Leonardo Hsu e Jong-Ping Hsu 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: novembro de 2019
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This book shows how one can combine Yang–Mills gauge symmetry and effective Einstein–Grossmann metric tensors to tackle physical problems at microscopic, macroscopic and super-macroscopic length scales. In particular, the combination of gauge symmetry and an effective metric tensor provides a framework for and leads to an alternative dynamics of cosmic expansion based on quantum Yang–Mills gravity at the super-macroscopic limit. Together with the cosmological principle, one can investigate and derive expanding scale factors, the age of the universe, the cosmic redshift, and the Hubble recession velocity. Furthermore, this framework leads to a possible explanation for the late-time accelerated cosmic expansion due to baryon masses and charges. All these discussions are based on the operationally defined space and time coordinates of inertial frames. Finally, this book expounds on the intimate relationship between space-time translation gauge symmetry and the beautiful ideas of the Lie derivative and Pauli's variation. One interesting application of the Lie derivative is to formulate a gravitational theory with an external space-time gauge group, which leads to Yang–Mills gravity.

  • A More General Space-Time Symmetry Framework (Leonardo Hsu and Jong-Ping Hsu):
    • Space-Time Symmetry, Natural Units and Fundamental Constants
    • The Taiji Relativity Framework
    • The Principle of Limiting Continuation of Physical Laws and Coordinate Transformations for Frames with Constant Accelerations
    • Coordinate Transformations for Frames with Arbitrary Linear Accelerations and the Taiji Pseudo-Group
    • Coordinate Transformations for Rotating Frames and Experimental Tests
    • Conservation Laws and Symmetric Energy–Momentum Tensors
  • Quantum Yang–Mills Gravity (Jong-Ping Hsu and Leonardo Hsu):
    • Internal and External Gauge Symmetries and Lie Derivative Application to Gauge Fields
    • Yang–Mills Gravity Based on Flat Space-Time and Effective Curved Space-Time for Motions of Classical Objects
    • Experimental Tests of Classical Yang–Mills Gravity
    • TheS-Matrix in Yang–Mills Gravity
    • Quantization of Yang–Mills Gravity and Feynman–Dyson Rules
    • Gravitational Self-Energy of the Graviton
    • Space-Time Gauge Identities and Finite-Loop Renormalization
    • A Unified Gravity–Electroweak Model
    • A Unified Gravity–Strong Force Model
  • Dynamics of Expansion and Cosmic Relativity with a Cosmic Time:
    • New Dynamics of Cosmoic Expansion
    • Finite General Hubble Velocity and Exact Cosmic Redshift
    • Standard Cosmic Time and 'Cosmic Relativity'
    • Dynamics of Expansion with Cosmic Time
    • Late-Time Accelerated Cosmic Expansion: Conserved Baryon–Lepton Charges with GeneralU₁ Symmetry and 'Dark Energy'
    • A Big Picture of the Universe: Big Jets Model and Physical Laws in Microscopic, Macroscopic and Super-Macroscopic Worlds
  • Appendices:
    • Gauge Invariance of Yang–Mills Gravity and the Vanishing of the Lie Derivative of the Gravitational Action
    • The Fock–Hilbert Approach to Local Symmetry and Conservation Laws in General Frames of Reference
    • Calculations ofHμν in the Gravitational Field Equation
    • Tensor Properties of Physical Quantities in Taiji Space-Time

Readership: Graduate students and researchers working on theoretical physics, particle physics and/or cosmology.Quantum YangMills Gravity;Dynamics of Cosmic Expansion;SpaceTime Translational Gauge Symmetry;SpaceTime Transformations of Non-Inertial Frames;Hubble's Law and Cosmic Redshift Based on YangMills Gravity in Inertial Frames0Key Feature...

Spacetime, Yangmills Gravity, And Dynamics Of Cosmic Expansion
How Quantum Yangmills Gravity In The Super-Macroscopic Limit Leads To An Effective Gv(T) And New Perspectives On Hubble'S Law, The Cosmic Redshift And
ISBN: 9789811200458 Ano de edição ou reimpressão: 11-2019 Editor: WORLD SCIENTIFIC PUBLISHING COMPANY Idioma: Inglês Tipo de Produto: eBook Formato: ePUB i Classificação Temática: eBooks  >  eBooks em Inglês  >  Ciências Exatas e Nat.  >  Física



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