- So You Want To Be A Marine?

So You Want To Be A Marine? (eBook)

de Gary Winstead 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: Crimson Cloak Publishing
Edição ou reimpressão: julho de 2018
Disponibilidade Imediata
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What life was really like in the Green Machine.

The Recruiter forgot to tell you what?

Living a life of poverty and desperation I took a chance and did what so many of my peers did: joined the Marines just as Vietnam was heating up.

I fully expected to make a career of the Marines but was soon faced with unbelievable sadism, arrogance, incompetence and outright brutality. The Marine Corps I had hoped to love proved to be an organization run in an authoritarian, "Because I said so" manner, not at all like I had envisioned. If you were a suck up you were promoted; should you question the obvious it was either Mess Duty or lack of promotion or worse, Vietnam. Such is my story.

There were characters that came in and out of my life like actors in a Woody Allen movie: W.B. from Pittsburg, "Born to lead, not to be led so don't be mis-led." Disappeared one day and never returned. There was the drug smoking Pitt who, while on guard duty in Vietnam, decided to get high and leave a Chu Lai New Guy high and dry at an outpost.

Thieves, liars, drug addicts and more pulled at my heart strings until I made the ultimate decision.

I endured four years of indifferent and sadistic leadership coupled with the absurdities of an organization that rewards group think and obedience over individuality and integrity.


So You Want To Be A Marine?
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