- New Evil Empire

New Evil Empire (eBook)

Inside China'S Drive For Global Supremacy

de Bill Gertz 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: agosto de 2019
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Thirty years ago the People's Republic of China operated a large, ill-equipped and poorly trained military force. Today, China's People's Liberation Army, the Communist Party of China's military arm, is the final arbiter of power in China and has emerged in recent years as a modern, high-technology army equipped with cutting-edge weapons largely developed from the massive theft of U.S. technology.

The threat posed today by China extends far beyond military power to economic, intelligence, diplomatic, and information capabilities that are focused laser-like on a single strategic objective: Weakening and undermining the United States as a first step in achieving global supremacy under a new world order under communism with Chinese characteristics.New Evil Empire details the comprehensive threat posed by China and how the United States can take the needed steps to counter the danger.

New Evil Empire will reveal how:

China is promoting a new form of communism with Chinese characteristics that Beijing is spreading around the world to replace free, open and democratic societies.
American elites in government and academia disastrously underestimated China by falsely betting for decades that conciliatory polices of unfettered trade and engagement with China would produce a benign normal state. To the contrary, China instead emerged as a dangerous nuclear-armed dictatorship that is now advancing its global ambitions beyond China's borders.
High technology totalitarianism inside China is being used by Chinese leaders to hold on to power in a political and economic system that is rapidly becoming unstable as a result of pervasive corruption and political repression.
Space weapons will be deployed in the next few years that are capable of destroying most of the United States' high-value communications, navigation and intelligence satellites. The space arms will provide Beijing with an asymmetric warfare capability known as "assassin's mace in space" that is an Achilles' heel strategic vulnerability for the United States.
China's military and civilian intelligence services are achieving "digital superiority" cyber espionage and cyber attack capabilities capable of quickly wrecking havoc on American society through attacks on the U.S. infrastructure and economy.
China is engaging in economic warfare through systematic technology theft, the acquisition of high-technology companies and the buying up of former government officials and technical experts who indirectly support Beijing's strategic objectives.
China is waging propaganda and disinformation warfare -- strategic influence and deception operations -- that are now a central element of Beijing's repertoire of non-kinetic capabilities targeting the United States.
Chinas coordinated strategic intelligence operations go beyond the collection of secrets to include the systematic subversion and weakening of the United States and its democratic and free market system.
China is building up its military forces across the range of forces in preparation for a future war with the United States. The weapons include ground forces, ships and submarines, and aircraft. The buildup is highlighted by deployment of nearly a dozen new advanced missiles such as ultra-high speed hypersonic attack weapons.
A "string of pearls strategy" was adopted by Beijing for developing a global network of military bases and anti-U.S. alliances around the world. The program is being carried out through a Beijing-funded development program called the One Belt, One Road initiative.
Flashpoints at sea are becoming more volatile, including Beijing's covert takeover of the South China Sea, coercion and ultimate takeover of democratic Taiwan and pressure against Japan.

New Evil Empire will present concrete policy proposals designed to confront China's drive for global supremacy through educating American and w...

New Evil Empire
Inside China'S Drive For Global Supremacy
de Bill Gertz 
ISBN: 9781641770552 Ano de edição ou reimpressão: Editor: ENCOUNTER BOOKS Idioma: Inglês Tipo de Produto: eBook Formato: ePUB i Classificação Temática: eBooks  >  eBooks em Inglês  >  Política  >  Política em Geral


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