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Meander, Spiral, Explode

Meander, Spiral, Explode (eBook)

Design And Pattern In Narrative

de Jane Alison 

Editor: Catapult
Edição ou reimpressão: abril de 2019
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Novelist and writing teacher Jane Alison illuminates the many shapes other than the usual wavelike narrative arc that can move fiction forward. The stories she loves most follow other organic patterns found in naturespirals, meanders, and explosions, among others. Alisons manifesto for new modes of narrative will appeal to serious readers and writers alike.

As Jane Alison writes in the introduction to her insightful and appealing book about the craft of writing: For centuries theres been one path through fiction were most likely to travelone were actually told to followand thats the dramatic arc: a situation arises, grows tense, reaches a peak, subsides. . . . But: something that swells and tautens until climax, then collapses? Bit masculo-sexual, no? So many other patterns run through nature, tracing other deep motions in life. Why not draw on them, too?

W. G. SebaldsThe Emigrants was the first novel to show Alison how forward momentum can be created by way of pattern, rather than the traditional arcor, in nature, wave. Other writers of nonlinear prose considered in her museum of specimens include Nicholson Baker, Anne Carson, Marguerite Duras, Jamaica Kincaid, Clarice Lispector, Gabriel García Márquez, Susan Minot, David Mitchell, Caryl Phillips, and Mary Robison.

Meander, Spiral, Explode is a singular and brilliant elucidation of literary strategies that also brings high spirits and wit to its original conclusions. It is a liberating manifesto that says, Lets leave the outdated modes behind and, in thinking of new modes, bring feeling back to experimentation. It will appeal to serious readers and writers alike.

Meander, Spiral, Explode
Design And Pattern In Narrative
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