- Kalfona

Kalfona (eBook)

Escape The Aviary

de Cass Eastham 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: Czykmate Productions
Edição ou reimpressão: julho de 2018
Disponibilidade Imediata
Ebook para ADE

The Kingdom of Kalfona knows it survives upon the ruins of an ancient, high-tech civilization. Official interpretation declares nuclear war was the harbinger of the Breeds Disease, the sinking landscape, and the fall of ‘Ancient Merka’, but historians who study the evidence don’t buy the party line.

In Kalfona: Escape the Aviary, Charlie Banta has thirsted for a career in history all her life, yet when she comes of age to work, the kingdom decides her fertility is more important to the dwindling human race than her book smarts. Charlie’s journey begins inside a privileged commune where she must learn how to think ‘outside the cage’ in order to secure her right to study Merkan history. With the help of the four men on the History Team, Charlie struggles for balance on the fine wire between behaving and breaking the law so she can also earn the right *not* to have children.

Meanwhile, peculiar Merkan artifacts are trickling into town, and these objects should be a lot more decayed than they are. It was hard enough to get the government to allow a woman on the History Team, now she must convince them to let a woman risk her ovaries on an archaeological expedition into the wilds of Kalfona. The Kingdom of Kalfona is a fully-developed world, rich in culture, that represents a well-blended mixture of that which currently exists on its original Northern California landscape.

Escape The Aviary
de Cass Eastham 
ISBN: 9781989225158 Ano de edição ou reimpressão: Editor: Czykmate Productions Idioma: Inglês Tipo de Produto: eBook Formato: ePUB i Classificação Temática: eBooks  >  eBooks em Inglês  >  Literatura  >  Ficção Científica


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