- Jewish By Discovery

Jewish By Discovery (eBook)

de Steve Cohen 

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In the Bible, God established a covenant people for a very specific mission: Israel was to be a Light to the Gentiles. The story of the Bible is God's intervention to restore to all mankind what was lost at the Fall of Adam and Eve. We who are Jewish are still part of that covenant relationship and mission call. But there are many people today, even among Christians, who, through their journeys of discovery of their ancestry are learning that they have Jewish ancestry. So what does that mean? They are Jewish too. not 25 % or 50%, but 100% Jewish because God's covenant is not divided into fractions. When someone has realized that they are Jewish by Discovery, a whole new world is open to them the enhance their own spiritual journey. This book serves as a primer to that journey to whet the appetite to go deeper in realizing all that God has in store for them and the rest of Israel, too. The areas of focus in this book include What does it mean to be Jewish? God's Covenants, the Law, The problem of sin, Messiah - God's solution to our sin problem, Messianic congregations, How then shall we live? How can a Jew be in the Lutheran Church? The cycle of Biblical festivals, Jewish life cycle events from birth to death, Jewish resources, a compendium of the 613 Mitzvot (Jewish laws in the Bible), Jewish confessions of faith in the 5th century, LCMS resolution denouncing Martin Luther's anti-Semitic writings, and a directory of Holocaust Memorials locations. This text is also a good text for comparative religion classes as well as a book to study for High Schoolers in Sunday School.

Jewish By Discovery
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