- Ghosthunting Utah

Ghosthunting Utah (eBook)

de April Slaughter 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: setembro de 2018
Pré-lançamento - envio a partir de 11-09-2018
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To some, the idea that ghosts exist is nothing more than a product of an overactive imagination. To others, it seems to be either a deeply fulfilling spiritual experience or a terrifying everyday reality.

InGhosthunting Utah, authorApril Slaughter takes readers to some of the most haunted places inUtah. Whether you are a devout believer in the paranormal, a skeptic who believes there is a more logical explanation for everything, or simply someone curious about the "other side," one thing remains constant: The unexplained has always been among us and continues to evoke fear and fascination in all areas of the world.

The state of Utah is no exception. With its rich and unique history, it is home to some of the most interesting places you will ever visit. Whether you are a serious paranormal researcher, a hobbyist, or just an individual who finds stories of ghosts and their favorite haunting grounds entertaining,Ghosthunting Utah will send chills down your spine.

Like all the books in the America's Haunted Road Trip series, you can enjoyGhosthunting Utah from the safety of your armchairor hit the road and test your own ghosthunting skills, if you dare. Either way, buckle up for the spookiest ride of your life.

Ghosthunting Utah
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