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Fast Pr (eBook)

Give Yourself A Huge Media Boost

de Paul Blanchard 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: Right Angles
Edição ou reimpressão: março de 2019
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It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, CEO, politician, campaigner or a combination of all these things. If you’re reading this book then I’m going to call you a Media Wannabe. You want results. You want PR. You want to be in the newspapers, magazines, online, basically everywhere – and fast.

But PR agencies suck. They trade on fear. They tell you that you can’t do it yourself. That it’s too complicated. But that’s all bollocks – and it’s precisely why you only get to see the PR agency’s MD once, right at the start. After that they’re dust, and once you’ve signed, you get to deal with a 22-year-old account manager with bum fluff.

This book lifts the lid. It’s everything PR agencies won’t tell you. Because take it from me – a senior, long-in-the-tooth, behind-the-scenes media operator – when you know what works and what doesn’t, PR is actually quite simple.

Fast PR is the book I always wanted to read when I started my own career. It’s well over a hundred brand new, genuinely practical PR ideas for motivated, intelligent people – like you. There’s no waffle, and it’s not patronising. It’s not full of crappy jargon and it doesn’t mince words. It’s just sound, no-nonsense stuff that delivers real results. I’ve worked really hard to make this book as short and accessible as possible – and all the ideas, insights, tips and tricks in this book are real. They work for my clients. And they will work for you too.

The book also has additional exclusive advice and insights from senior figures in the media world. I’ve met and interviewed these people for my Media Masters podcast and they’re all major players. They’ve either already changed the direction of the media, or are currently busy shaping its future.

Anyone can learn how to do their own PR – get in the press, on TV and radio, and get results. You don’t need a PR agency. All you need is this book, a computer, your mobile phone… and some ambition.

Fast Pr
Give Yourself A Huge Media Boost
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O ‘Checkout Expresso’ utiliza os seus dados habituais (morada e/ou forma de envio, meio de pagamento e dados de faturação) para que a sua compra seja muito mais rápida. Assim, não tem de os indicar de cada vez que fizer uma compra. Em qualquer altura, pode atualizar estes dados na sua ‘Área de Cliente’.

Para que lhe sobre mais tempo para as suas leituras.