- Family Ties

Family Ties (eBook)

de Celia Buckmaster 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: Dean Street Press
Edição ou reimpressão: agosto de 2020
Pré-lançamento - envio a partir de 03-08-2020
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Mrs Rockaby was pleased . . .

"Not such a bad old thing really," she told her husband on getting home, "and not frightening, really, once you get to know him. You know, Donald, in a way, shooting their daughters-in-law and so on, the Monsoons are rather fun."

The "hero" ofFamily Ties is the eccentric, elderly Mr. Monsoon, living in comfortable squalor with his wife, two sons, and two daughters-in-law, including bored, restless Amy, whom he shoots (only wings, really, and that accidentally). The Monsoons are indeed rather fun, as are the other unusual inhabitants of the village, from Mrs. Tyce, widow of the former lord of the manor, who can "look back on a long life more than half of which she has spent being horribly bored," to the well-meaning but ridiculous Mrs Rockaby, who hopes one day to return to a bustling life in London and look just as young and lovely as before. There's the Monsoon gardener, who enjoys telling "little children about the Devil and idle hands," and the pretentious Mr. Swan, current resident of the manor, who sets out to marry the Rockabys' daughter as if it's a task on his to do list. And of course there's poor frustrated Amy, who wants to be herself as well as a wife and mother.

Furrowed Middlebrow and Dean Street Press are proud to make available for the first time since the 1950s the underrated fiction of Celia Buckmaster, combining incomparable characters and a sharp, biting wit.

Family Ties
de Celia Buckmaster 
ISBN: 9781913527327 Ano de edição ou reimpressão: 08-2020 Editor: Dean Street Press Idioma: Inglês Tipo de Produto: eBook Formato: ePUB i Classificação Temática: eBooks  >  eBooks em Inglês  >  Literatura  >  Ficção


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