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Essential Cognitive Psychology

Essential Cognitive Psychology (eBook)

de Christopher Sterling 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: janeiro de 2025
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Ebook para ADE

Essential Cognitive Psychology is perfect for students new to the subject. It will give them confidence to assimilate the seemingly complex concept, it will help them read academic work in the field, and it will help bring the subject to life. It does this by explaining each idea and experiment in as clear and simple a way as possible, especially in relation to research methods, and via the use of engaging heuristic features that act both asaide memoires but also vehicles to stimulate thinking around real research studies. It brings together the old and the new of cognitive psychology and will set students up with all they need to know to succeed on their course.


Key features of this book include:

  • Progression Points at the start of each section of a chapter to help students keep track of their progress through the chapter and as a reminder of what’s coming next.
  • Summaries at the end of each subsection of a chapter.
  • Three types of Further Readings: specialist texts, review articles and original articles. These readings will be a mix of the contemporary and the historical.
  • A companion website with an array of materials for both instructors and students. 

Packaged neatly as a one semester textbook, offered at an affordable price, and designed specifically to make the subject matter stimulating,Essential Cognitive Psychology is intended for all students taking this core course for the first time.

Essential Cognitive Psychology
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