- Deep State Reality

Deep State Reality (eBook)

The Anatomy Of America'S Shadow Government

de Alan Axlerod 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: janeiro de 2019
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The idea of a deep state has been around for a long time, going back at least as far as theimperium in imperio (government within the government) of ancient Rome and demonstrated in recent timeseven to this dayin such places as Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, and Iran. As applied to the United States, the notion was first explored in detail by sociologist C. Wright Mills, who identified deep states in the Pentagon, the military-industrial complex, and Wall Street. The modern deep state has been associated with fringe right conspiracy theorists who hold that a cadre of career government employeescivil servants, bureaucratic administratorshave covertly coordinated to shape state policy by working around or beneath the elected government. Within the last two years, this belief in the deep state graduated from unorganized fringe groups to the so-called Alt-right, members of which formed an influential faction of supporters during the presidential campaign of Donald Trump, and who are today represented among the inner circle of the Trump presidency.Today, clearly, the deep state cannot be dismissed as the stock-in-trade of talk radio fantasy. In fact, the deep state is realbut its reality is not what the Trump administration believes it to be. There is an American shadow government. It is government by lobby and lobbyist. The deep state of the professional influencers is closely connected to both the elected government and the permanent bureaucratic structure that is the unelected government. This real deep state coexists with the elected and unelected governments, a relationship that is part symbiotic, part parasitic, and often downright malignant.Deep State Reality, driven neither by partisan affiliation nor ideological orientation, presents an anatomy of Americas shadow government that makes up the true substance of an American deep state.

Deep State Reality
The Anatomy Of America'S Shadow Government
de Alan Axlerod 
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