- Courage To Say No

Courage To Say No (eBook)

A Female Doctor'S Battle Against Sexual Exploitation In Pakista

de Raana Mahmood 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: agosto de 2019
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Sexual harassment is in the news almost every day. Countless women have been intimidated into silence or their careers and lives have been ruined because they refused to submit to unwanted sexual advances. Yet, sexual harassment coupled with corruption is not singularly an American affliction. Its an ancient disease, a truly universal tale. Dr. Raana Mahmood's story,Courage to Stay No, is a narrative of standing up against sexual corruption in her home country of Pakistan. It epitomizes the courage, audacity, and determination required to resist becoming a victim in a culture that places little value on divorced women. One that openly allows men to have a second, a third, and a fourth wife, all at a mans pleasure.
After escaping from her husband's physical, verbal, and emotional abuse with her little son in tow, Dr. Mahmood filed for divorce and took up residency as gynecologist at a nearby hospital. After facing years of harassment from the management of semi government company for being a working woman, and suffering a nervous breakdown because of the vitriol, Dr. Mahmood eventually received a grant of asylum from the United States, where she became an advocate for other women looking to escape domestic violence and for their human rights and an inspiration to those suffering in silence.

In the vein ofReading Lolita in Tehran andInfidel,Courage to Say No is a remarkable and empowering story for our times.

Courage To Say No
A Female Doctor'S Battle Against Sexual Exploitation In Pakista
de Raana Mahmood 
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