- A Parents Guide To Building Your Babys Brain

A Parents Guide To Building Your Babys Brain (eBook)

How To Use New Gene Science To Raise A Smart, Secure, Successful Child

de Gail Gross 

idioma: Inglês
Edição ou reimpressão: agosto de 2019
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Your childs DNA is not destiny; you are at the helm, guiding their course.

The truth is, nature and nurture are in a delicate danceif one goes too fast, the other one falls. Science tells us that early childhood experiences have the capacity to structure and alter the brain. That means you didnt just supply your childs DNAyoure still shaping it. And its only by wielding this power that your child will activate their full potential. You are truly a gene therapist; manipulating and guiding your childs genetic makeup based on the experiences you create for them.

Contrary to what modern parenting trends have told us, parenting is much simpler than we dared to imagine. Great parenting comes down to one mission: to be prepped and present for the windows of your childs development so that you can take full advantage of them and help your child become a smart, successful, self-sufficient adult. It doesnt require formal training or a fancy degreeall it takes is getting involved. Once parents learn how to flip the right gene switches, they can expand the limits of their childs potential and lay the emotional and intellectual groundwork that allows them to seize opportunities for success fearlessly, naturally, and enthusiastically.

With a PhD. in education and a second in psychology, and forty years of experience as an educator, Dr. Gross combines an understanding of childhood development with practical and realistic tools to teach parents how to best take advantage of their childs developmental windows.A Parent's Guide to Building Your Baby's Brain translates the results from scientific studies about expanding consciousness and performance into day-to-day interaction between parents and children.

A Parents Guide To Building Your Babys Brain
How To Use New Gene Science To Raise A Smart, Secure, Successful Child
de Gail Gross 
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