- A Coveted Possession

A Coveted Possession (eBook)

The Rise And Fall Of The Piano In Australia

de Michael Atherton 

idioma: Inglês
Editor: Schwartz Publishing Pty. Ltd
Edição ou reimpressão: julho de 2018
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What has lived with us, entertained us, travelled with us and symbolised Australian aspirations, only to end up gathering dust or even at the tip? Its not the car, or the washing machine, or the sewing machine its the piano!

Before electricity brought us the gramophone, the radio and eventually TV, the piano was central to family and community life in colonial Australia. It brought Australians of different ages and backgrounds together, offering solace on remote stations, comfort at the fronts of war, and joyous entertainment at weddings and parties, on ships and trains, in hospitals and prisons. An upright piano in the nineteenth century home, with its iron frame, candelabra, carvings, polished surfaces and ivory keys, was a machine, an instrument and a key member of the household that conveyed potent social meanings: prestige, education, class, leisure, national identity and intergenerational relationships.

From the arrival of a square piano at Sydney Cove in 1788 to the resurrection of derelict heirloom pianos in the streets of twenty-first century Melbourne,A Coveted Possession tells the curious story of Australias intimate relationship with the piano. Its an insightful, beautifully illustrated multi-stranded cultural history that reveals the material, social and political worlds in which the ivories were tinkled, the shifting aspirations embodied by this instrument and the way it came to fulfil powerful educational, social and spiritual purposes.

A Coveted Possession
The Rise And Fall Of The Piano In Australia
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