Politically Incorrect Guide To Communism

de Paul Kengor 

Politically Incorrect Guide To Communism
idioma: Inglês
Editor: Blackstone Publishing
Edição: outubro de 2017
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The worst idea in history is back!Communism has wrecked national economies, enslaved whole peoples, and killed more than a hundred million men and women. What's not to like?Too many young Americans are supporting communism. Millennials prefer socialism to capitalism, and 25 percent have a positive view of Lenin. One in four Americans believe that George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin. And 69 percent of Millennials would vote for a socialist for president.They ought to know better. Communism is the most dangerous idea in world history, producing dire poverty, repression, and carnage wherever it has been tried. And no wonder-because communism flatly denies morality, human nature, and basic facts. But it's always going to be different this time.Renowned scholar and bestselling author Paul Kengor unmasks communism, exposing its blood-drenched history and the strange sway it has long exercised over much of American media and education. He reveals:Stalin alone killed six times as many people as HitlerThe Khmer Rouge slaughtered more than a third of the population of CambodiaCommunists in Eastern Europe and worldwide tortured ChristiansCommunist Party USA (CPUSA) was directly controlled by the SovietsObama's CIA director voted for the CPUSA candidate for president in 1980Unrepentant sixties-era communists are educating American teachers todayThe Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism debunks the world's worst ideology, sounds the alarm about its disturbing popular resurgence, and arms you with facts you need to refute its appeal.

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